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What Do You Know About Holiday Sweets and Treats?

You want to eat healthy this holiday season. But do you really have to cut out all those tempting treats and snacks? Take this quiz to find out.

1. Which oil is the least healthy to cook with?
2. Which treat has the lowest fat content?
3. You want to change your favorite cookie recipe to make it healthier. To do this, you would:
4. Your aunt has sent you another store-bought fruitcake this year. Before you have a slice, what should you do?
5. Potato latkes are your favorite part of Hanukkah. But they're also a fried food. How can you make them healthier?
6. You want to serve doughnuts at your holiday party. How can you make them healthier?
7. You are planning to eat lightly at a holiday party. But alcoholic drinks won't be a problem, right? After all, they don't have fat or sugar.
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